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Blue badges: Our Knitting Journal

**** REDUCED **** Sprog About To Drop Badge – Blue

Are you an expectant mother, or do you know a pregnant mum-to-be who never gets a seat on public transport because people either: 1. Don’t realise you’re pregnant 2. Aren’t sure your belly is a baby and not fat, and don’t want to offend This is a brand new Baby on Board button pin badge for expectant mums who travel on public transport and don’t

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Fat – no! Pregnant – Yes! badge – Blue

Getting a baby bump isn’t as easy as people think. For a lot of expectant mums, it means weeks (months even!) of waiting for what looks like a big tummy to form into an obvious baby bump! So, if you’re tired of people giving you puzzled looks on the bus or train, and still not giving you a seat, let them know that you are

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