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We are live finally – with a fab range of baby on board badges!

It took a little while to go from concept to live (about two weeks!) and my impatient self couldn’t wait to share with you all.

Why do it?

Despite having my youngest child more than two years ago, and hoping that things had changed, I still see pregnant women wrestling on public transport with commuters who have taken up priority seats and are oblivious to them or take a look at the baby bump and decide that it’s not worth risking the embarrassment of getting it wrong if thy offer a seat to a woman who has a bump that isn’t a baby bump!

It can be very dangerous – a bus breaking suddenly, being elbowed on the tube, so many things can happen to make commuting dangerous for pregnant women if they don’t get a seat.

So, instead of moaning about it, I decided to do something about it – and was born!

I hope you like the designs! If you know any slogans you think would work on our badges, please let me know!