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Twins on board! Top tips on preparing for multiple births

You knew you were feeling tired and perhaps the increased appetite started to give it away, but nothing could have prepared you for the sight of those two embryos on the ultrasound.

While some of your relatives’ or friends’ singleton experiences will relate to yours, other aspects will not, such as the fact that you are growing twice as fast or having more acute pregnancy symptoms.

Building a community
With a twin pregnancy it’s important that you know what to expect as well as developing your twin community, which you will also need after the birth. The Twin and Multiple Birth Association is a charity to help you through the various stages involved with twins. Most women carrying twins have a slightly different timeline, giving birth in their 36th-38th week so it pays to be informed and prepared.

Twin Pregnancy Tricks
However, there are a few twin pregnancy tips to help you along the way:

– Power naps are the expectant twins mum’s best friend.

-Make sure that you have plenty of healthy snacks at hand, when travelling or in the office, as growing two is hungry work.

-Drink plenty of milk to protect your calcium reserves as well as ensuring the healthy growth of your babies.

-Invest in a pregnancy sleeping pillow early on, as you will be lying down more and need to be comfortable.

-Lift correctly and ensure you have good posture – your body is carrying far more weight than a single pregnancy and needs as much support as possible.

-Learn now to ask for help because you need it; and it is good practice for when the babies arrive.

But most of all remember that even though it might all seem daunting or even unimaginable you are about to embark on an amazing journey by entering into the most magical world of twins.