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To know or not to know? That is the question!

The other day in a local restaurant, a couple were having a funny, but also serious debate. She was pregnant and they were approaching the time when they could, if they wanted to, find out the sex of the baby.

The woman was adamant that she didn’t want to know, while her other half was just as adamant that he did.

How they resolved the issue is unknown, as they paid the bill and left before ending the discussion.

However, this is a conversation that happens between many couples. So let’s look at both sides of this argument:

View 1: Finding out the sex: From the perspective of the person who wants to know the sex, they feel that it helps them better prepare the environment and clothes for the new baby. They might feel that more money will be saved, if they know exactly who they are getting ready for.

View 2: Keeping the sex a surprise: For this person, they want to enjoy the natural element of surprise. Also, the scan might have wrongly been interpreted and the months of preparation might just have gone out of the window.

As hard as it is to believe in this modern age that this can still happen, it did to a friend of mine quite recently who was told she was expecting a girl, only for the baby to be a boy on arrival. Now, with the possibilities for decorating a gender-free nursery and buying unisex clothes, the person inclined to this choice might feel that the economic argument is now redundant.

Whether you decide to find out about the sex of your baby comes down to the couples’ ability to compromise. This is something you will have to do a lot more of once you have the baby in your arms.