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Tips for pregnant women travelling with a baby in board

Although you may think that summer is still far away, before you know it the holiday you have planned or are in the middle of planning will have arrived.

If you are pregnant this one will be extra-special as it’s the last one before your baby arrives. If you are spending time abroad during your pregnancy, then it is wise to take a few pointers into consideration:

Medical care
Research your destination carefully to check that there is adequate medical care for any pregnancy related emergencies that might occur. Also check that your insurance policy covers those emergencies. Also it is advised not to travel to countries where you need a vaccination. If you think that you might be going to an area where you need vaccinations consult your doctor.

Some airlines after 28 weeks might ask to see a letter from your doctor before allowing you to fly. By about 37 weeks many airlines are reluctant to let you on the plane. Also remember that the aisle seat is the pregnant traveller’s best friend. It allows you to go to the toilet when you want, as well as the opportunity to stand up and move around to keep your circulation going in order to avoid conditions such as deep vein thrombosis. Support stockings are also highly recommended.

Remember that travelling and changes in climate can cause you to dehydrate. Make sure that you drink plenty of water along the way. Also check out the tap water at your destination. Not every country’s tap water is drinkable. When in doubt drink bottled water and avoid ice in drinks at restaurants and hotels.

Having a holiday is a lot of fun but you will need extra rest. Do not be afraid to take time out for extra naps here and there.