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Surviving Bed Rest

This is definitely not how you envisaged spending your pregnancy. Things have gone slightly wrong and due to various complications, you have been ordered to bed by your doctor.

Everyone around you keeps reminding you that you need to stay calm, which is easier said than done, when you have a lot of free time to think about what could happen to you or the baby. This is where it is vital that you try to take control of the situation and reduce your stress. There are several ways to do this:

A self-imposed ban on medical pregnancy websites
Although, it is good to be informed about your condition there is so much on the Internet about what might happen, that you might end up elevating your stress levels by over worrying.

Rally your supporters
Call friends and family to come and chat with you. This will help you feel connected to the outside world, and will also reassure you.

Watch fun and light hearted programmes
Laughter and cheer can elevate your mood and improve your psychology. Try to avoid watching anything too tense to ensure you stay relaxed.

Now is the time to make a list of all the books you have ever wanted to read. Take advantge of this time to indulge yourself in those books. It will be a couple of years before you get such a chance again.

Do some craft in bed
It can become difficult not getting up and moving around, so find ways that you can do activities in bed.

Knitting and sewing can be really therapeutic, as well as calming your mind and your body.