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Regaining your body confidence

Kim Kardashian, reportedly, recently admitted that she did not feel confident about the way her body was when she was pregnant. This is hardly surprising after the amount of scrutiny she came under in the media; it would have rocked any one’s confidence.

While some women enjoy the way that their body changes while pregnant, for others it creates feelings of insecurity, but also frustration that they are growing in such a way. These are normal feelings and if you are experiencing these it is important to acknowledge them. There are various ways that you can work through the next 9 months to feel a sense of control over the situation:

Share your fears: Some women worry that their partner will not find them attractive, or that they are losing control of their body’s shape that they have worked hard to maintain. The moment that you share how you feel, the amount of stress you have about your body’s changes will reduce.

Comfort yourself that this is a natural process: Instead of focusing on the physical change, move your thoughts to the fact that this is a necessary step in order to carry your child. Focus on the growing baby inside.

Do some exercise: If you have been extremely active in this area, you might feel frustrated that you are unable to exercise, as much as you could before your pregnancy. However, remember that you can still do exercise. Talk with your practitioner about what you can do and focus on that.

Eat healthily: Maintaining a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy will make you feel more in control of your body. It is also essential for the healthy growth of your child.

Also remember that thankfully post birth many of us do not have a career depending on a starring role in the latest film in Hollywood, or a modelling contract that demands you can spring back to shape after birth. By all means you can begin to regain your body’s previous shape but you also need to allow your body time to recover from this major life event.