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Pregnancy boredom and how to beat it

Rochelle Humes is The Saturdays fame has recently tweeted about being bored on her maternity leave from the band as she is not used to just relaxing! And this is something that many pregnant women experience.

By the time you’ve reached your third trimester and are on your maternity leave, many expectant mums start getting bored with pregnancy and can’t wait to meet their bundle of joy!

If you feel like you’re clock-watching all the time and it feel like watching paint dry, here are a few things you could try to make the days go faster (or at least keep your mind busy!):

Learn something new
It’s true that starting a college course is probably the last thing on your to-do list, and something you may not want to do because it means spending more money, but it can bring a new excitement into your life and occupy your mind a bit.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune – you can try your local community college to see if they have any upcoming free taster courses.

You can also use websites like YouTube or Vimeo and search for anything that you’d like to learn – you can spend hours at a time learning for free!

Catch up with friends and family
What better way to spend the days leading up to the birth of your baby than to be a lady of leisure. Call your friends and relatives and let them know you’re free for a coffee and you’ll soon fill those empty days!

Pamper yourself
Contact a college that does beauty courses and book yourself in for a massage, a manicure or anything that will make you look or feel good for a minimal spend.

Seek medical advice
Being able to help calm and soothe an expecting mother falls into the category of things a nurse must do on a regular basis.  They are often times called to help make the mothers feel bettwr, so seek the advice of your midwife if you’re struggling.  This reason alone is why nursing programs, like a MPH program online continue to teach these principles