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Immortalising your bump

Pregnancy is a time in a women’s life of great change and beauty. It is also an ideal opportunity to celebrate the life to come. With such a life-changing event, it would be a shame not to record this amazing journey. You might want to do this with one special event or at various stages along the way. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Celebrating with others: Having a small get together with friends and family to share the news is a simple way to create a collective memory and for others to share their pregnancy memories with you.

A pregnancy journal: Month by month, either on paper or as an e-journal with video, you can record your feelings and experiences of the whole nine months. Adding pictures and the ultrasound scans as you go along, also makes it an ideal memory to share with your children as they get older and become curious about what it was like for you, or what you looked like while pregnant with them.

An artistic approach: If you want a physical reminder long after the birth then you might consider having a pregnancy photo shoot to immortalise your pregnancy. The other option, that has gained more popularity, is to create a belly cast of your bump. You can buy a DIY belly casting kit and get started. You will also need an assistant to help you make the mold. This could be a romantic way to celebrate your pregnancy with your partner or a way to include friends in this journey.

It is not important how you decide to celebrate, but that you are making meaningful memories that are special and will last for you.