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If there is no sympathy from mums…where do pregnant women stand (literally!)?

Not much surprises me these days. But it still leaves me dealing when I here other women talk so nastily about whether a pregnant woman should be offered a seat on public transport. Especially when they are mothers themselves.

I spoke to a practice manager at a surgery about the badge range and she told me that it wasn’t of interest.

When I asked why, she told me that as far as she was concerned, at age 15 when she realised she would like a family one day, she set her mind to learn to drive as soon adage could. So, if other women hadn’t got their act together and wound up on public transport when pregnant, she didn’t see why she should give up her seat for them because they hadn’t sorts themselves out.

Shocked even more was I when I asked her is she was a mother and she told me she had two children.

There isn’t much of a comeback to that – and there’s probably little point arguing with that kind of mindset anyway, but what surprised me most was the presumption that every mum who boards public transport can’t drive – so every expectant mum who works in the city can’t drive? I beg to differ…

It’s a shame when another mother who has carried a baby bump before is so harsh – and it doesn’t surprise me. In both my pregnancies only one woman offered me a seat on the train, the others were all men.