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Great foods to eat during pregnancy

Eating healthy is always top of the list for expectant mums. But with all the information you get in books and online, it can feel like you have to completely change your diet for the whole mine months.

20120808-230240.jpgBut it really is simple – here are some everyday foods that can go a long way to give your baby a great start and give you a healthy diet during your pregnancy:

1. Oats – full of fibre and B vitamins and iron, porridge oats are also rich in folio acid and are a great start to the day.

2. Avocados – a rich source of frolic acid, potassium, vitamin C and B6, avocados are known to also help with morning sickness. They are high in calories so eat in reasonable portions.

3. Broccoli – green vegetables are a good addition to the diet, especially broccoli because it contains lots of frolic acid. It’s also a rich source of vitamin A ad C.

4. Dairy products – whether it’s milk, yoghurt or cheese, dairy products will help give your unborn baby the calcium needed for strong bones and teeth.

Taking care of expecting mothers is a common practice among nurses.  This reason alone is why all nursing programs, specifically a bachelors of science in nursing will stress the importance of every detail in caring for a pregnant woman.