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Getting Ready for the Big Event

You have come through two trimesters of your pregnancy and you are now in the home straight. Apart from decorating and preparing the furniture for your new arrival, there are a few things you can do to make getting to the hospital and bringing the baby home for the first time, less stressful.

Preparing for the hospital

It’s a good idea to have your hospital bags packed for yourself and for the baby at the eight month mark. This way, if you go into labour earlier than expected, everything is ready. It is also advisable to have a practice run to the hospital, so that you and your driver know the route. This dress rehearsal can help iron out any potential problems, such as getting lost on the way.

Also make sure that you have the baby’s car seat fitted and adjusted, so you can just pop them into it on leaving the hospital. You can also announce your new arrival by proudly displaying your news through our baby on board car stickers.

Preparing your home

Bringing a new baby home will be exciting, but if this is your first child you will also be entering the uncharted waters of child care. Here are a few ways you can set up your home before giving birth, so that when you walk in the door you are ready to go:

Special detergent for baby clothes: A baby’s skin is delicate and their clothes get dirty very quickly. Have this beside your washing machine so it is handy for the first wash.

The nappy changing station: Nappies, disposal bags and bins, creams, cotton wool, wet wipes and the changing mat can all be set up before you leave for the hospital.

Bathing: Have a small bath prepared and a cupboard space with towels and washing items for the baby, so that you are ready to go for the first bath.

Feeding Items: Whether you decide to breast or bottle feed, you will need a sterilization area and system for breast pumps and bottles.

Food in the freezer: Cooking some simple meals and freezing them ahead of time, means you will just need to reheat your ready meals.

All of these small tips can help you and the baby settle in and give you a little bit of extra time to rest.