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Finding Prenatal Zen Through Yoga

As your morning sickness subsides, you might be feeling the urge to exercise. Prenatal yoga is a great way for you to release the physical and emotional stresses of all that extra work your body and mind is undertaking during pregnancy.

Not only can it help you relax or aid with shortness of breath, it can relieve lower back pain, increase sleep and circulation and make you stronger and more flexible for birth. A prenatal yoga class also has the added benefits of meeting, and sharing your joys and concerns with other pregnant mothers.

Some Dos and Don’ts
Here are a few important points to remember when undertaking pregnancy yoga:

Your previous yoga experience: If you have never done yoga before, it is advisable to join a prenatal yoga class. If this is not possible or you are more experienced, it is important that you tell your instructor and check that they are trained to teach prenatal yoga.

Yoga poses: While some poses, such as hip openers or side stretches, are appropriate for pregnancy, others are not. Some to avoid are lying on your back or belly, twisting or overstretching.

Prenatal Yoga Dos and Don’ts.

Stay cool and hydrated: With this in mind many doctors and yoga trainers advise that pregnant women do not practice Bikram Yoga, which is also known as Hot Yoga, as this could lead to pregnancy complications.

Don’t overdo it: Your aim is to relax and relieve stress, not become super fit or flexible. Pace yourself and do what is comfortable for you and for your body.

For many pregnant women not only do they find their inner Zen through prenatal yoga, but it allows them to bond with the beautiful new life forming within.