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10 things women love most about being pregnant

what do you love about pregnancyAccording to new research, the top ten aspects of pregnancy most enjoyed by expectant mothers were as follows:

1. Eating more – 89%

2. Exercising less – 74%

3. Feeling your baby move – 71%

4. Buying a new wardrobe – 67%

5. The general feeling of being pregnant – 64%

6. Being given seats on public transport – 54%

7. Having an excuse to have a lie-in – 51%

8. Your partner paying you extra special attention – 46%

9. Having an excuse to not socialise– 38%

10. Work colleagues giving you extra consideration – 32%

Of 1,181 mothers aged 18 and over, more than three quarters, 76% said
they “enjoyed” being pregnant; with just 9% not enjoying their pregnancy. The remaining 15% said that they enjoyed being pregnant “some of the time”.

Using pregnancy to your advantage!

Respondents were then asked if they ever felt that they used their pregnancy to their advantage, to which two-thirds (67%) said “yes”.

When asked to explain how they did this, the majority (56%), explained that they told friends that they were “too tired” to socialise when pregnant, when in fact they felt fine; enabling them to get out of social events.

A further one in five (19%) of the mothers who admitted to using their
pregnancy to their advantage said that they “phoned in sick” to work,
despite feeling fine, and 7% even claimed to occasionally ask for
“free food and drink” while pregnant.

One way you can use pregnancy to your advantage is to get a seat on public transport – not because you’re faking it, but because you need to say safe for you and your baby!