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What makes a perfect baby shower gift?

Baby showers are well and truly crossing over to the UK these days, so dont be surprised to get an invitation to a friend’s baby shower. The main question is what to buy as a present… The best idea worth considering when giving presents is to give several of them in a baby shower gift basket, this will give variety and increase the changes of

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New cute baby on board badge ‘I Should Have Danced All Night’

We have a gorgeous new baby on board badge coming out this week! It’s a little cheeky, but it will bring a smile on other people’s faces and hopefully get you a seat on the bus, train, tram or whatever form of public transport you use. Please spread the word – or treat a mum-to-be friend or relative to a gorgeous badge she’ll love!

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We are live finally – with a fab range of baby on board badges!

It took a little while to go from concept to live (about two weeks!) and my impatient self couldn’t wait to share with you all. Why do it? Despite having my youngest child more than two years ago, and hoping that things had changed, I still see pregnant women wrestling on public transport with commuters who have taken up priority seats and are oblivious

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