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Featured badges: Our Knitting Journal

Baby on Board Tote Bags

NEW! Baby on board tote bags for pregnancy and beyond

Tote bags are all the rage at the minute – we all want to do our bit for the environment, and without carrying a boring supermarket tote that granny carries around. A bag is for life, not just for pregnancy, and our tote bags are great to use during pregnancy and will see you through to your child’s baby and toddler phase, too. And they’re

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**** REDUCED **** Sprog About To Drop Badge – Blue

Are you an expectant mother, or do you know a pregnant mum-to-be who never gets a seat on public transport because people either: 1. Don’t realise you’re pregnant 2. Aren’t sure your belly is a baby and not fat, and don’t want to offend This is a brand new Baby on Board button pin badge for expectant mums who travel on public transport and don’t

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Cream and browns badges and pocket mirror trio pack

Our cream and brown badges are very popular, and we thought we would add something special by way of a pocket mirror, too! With this pack, you get: 1 x Sprog About to Drop badge 1 x Bun in the Oven badge 1 x Yummy Mummy in Training mirror This is a great gift for expectant mums – especially if you either don’t know the

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YES! I’m Pregnant badge – Red

YES! I’m Pregnant is one of the most popular badges in the range – it demystifies whether your bump is a baby or a little extra baggage. Now, if you get a second look from fellow commuters, they’ll be saying how great your badge is while offering you a seat.

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Bun in the Oven Badge – Red

For the confident mum-to-be with a tongue-in-cheek humour, then you’ll love this bright and bold badge, declaring that you have a bun in the oven! Now, you need not fear of being bumped into by fellow commuters – they’ll see you coming a mile off and give you a seat.

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This one’s nearly ready badge – Blue

What does it take to get the message across these days? Whatever happened to women and children first when it comes to seats and safety? Anyway…no time for politics and feminism, this one’s nearly ready – get yourself a seat. Quick! Comes in cute blue and white, pink and white and cream and brown.

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Yes! I’m Pregnant badge – Pink

There really is no other way to demystify the fact that the bump on your belly isn’t the result of a few pies too many, but a growing child! Yes! You are pregnant – and proud. Now you need a seat. We would love to give this one a 100% money-back guarantee that if people read this bright red badge and don’t offer a seat

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Mind the Bump badge – Sumptious Pink

Tired of elbowing, shoving and people bumping into you? These badges will let fellow commuters know that you are pregnant, and if there are no seats going spare, they’ll have to make space so that you stay safe. Comes in cute blue and white, pink and white and cream and brown.

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