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Sharon4china: Our Knitting Journal

What are your food cravings telling you?

Running down the dimly lit corridor she ducks, trying to avoid the man at the end who is hurling her favourite crisps towards her at lightning speed, over and over again. She dodges a crisp and desperately turns into another corridor but there he is again. There is no escaping this crisp throwing nightmare. And then she wakes up. A pregnant friend explained to me

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Regaining your body confidence

Kim Kardashian, reportedly, recently admitted that she did not feel confident about the way her body was when she was pregnant. This is hardly surprising after the amount of scrutiny she came under in the media; it would have rocked any one’s confidence. While some women enjoy the way that their body changes while pregnant, for others it creates feelings of insecurity, but also frustration

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It’s all in a name

In some cultures an elder whispers the name of the child in a newborn’s ear, in another the child is named after the paternal side of the family. Whatever the cultural or family tradition the naming of a child is one of the most significant gifts that we give to our children. There are a few points to consider when choosing a child’s name:

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Avoiding smoke when pregnant

It is easy to be judgemental when seeing a pregnant woman smoke or to smoke secretly when pregnant so that you won’t be judged, but the NHS has acknowledged that this hidden problem needs to come out in the open with constructive help. The NHS has a special help line called Smoke Free especially for pregnant women who find it difficult to give up smoking.

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To know or not to know? That is the question!

The other day in a local restaurant, a couple were having a funny, but also serious debate. She was pregnant and they were approaching the time when they could, if they wanted to, find out the sex of the baby. The woman was adamant that she didn’t want to know, while her other half was just as adamant that he did.

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Surviving Bed Rest

This is definitely not how you envisaged spending your pregnancy. Things have gone slightly wrong and due to various complications, you have been ordered to bed by your doctor. Everyone around you keeps reminding you that you need to stay calm, which is easier said than done, when you have a lot of free time to think about what could happen to you or the

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Immortalising your bump

Pregnancy is a time in a women’s life of great change and beauty. It is also an ideal opportunity to celebrate the life to come. With such a life-changing event, it would be a shame not to record this amazing journey. You might want to do this with one special event or at various stages along the way. Here are a few ideas to get

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Finding Prenatal Zen Through Yoga

As your morning sickness subsides, you might be feeling the urge to exercise. Prenatal yoga is a great way for you to release the physical and emotional stresses of all that extra work your body and mind is undertaking during pregnancy. Not only can it help you relax or aid with shortness of breath, it can relieve lower back pain, increase sleep and circulation and

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Getting Ready for the Big Event

You have come through two trimesters of your pregnancy and you are now in the home straight. Apart from decorating and preparing the furniture for your new arrival, there are a few things you can do to make getting to the hospital and bringing the baby home for the first time, less stressful. Preparing for the hospital It’s a good idea to have your hospital

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Twins on board! Top tips on preparing for multiple births

You knew you were feeling tired and perhaps the increased appetite started to give it away, but nothing could have prepared you for the sight of those two embryos on the ultrasound. While some of your relatives’ or friends’ singleton experiences will relate to yours, other aspects will not, such as the fact that you are growing twice as fast or having more acute pregnancy

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