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staying safe while pregnant and commuting

7 tips for commuting while being pregnant?

Travelling while pregnant can be a mixed bag depending on your route, the time you travel and how you are feeling during your pregnancy generally. Here are some tips for safe commuting while pregnant. Wear clothes that are comfortable and loose While wearing loose clothing, including trousers with an elasticated waistband, is good advice, it doesn’t offer much protection against the cold. Many larger-sized maternity

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Video tutorial: turn clothes into maternity wear

Maternity wear hasn’t always been on trend. While these days, there are a lot more option available to pregnant women on the high street, there is still for improvement. If you are bursting at the seams and can’t find maternity clothes that are worth the investment, this video will show you how to turn ordinary clothes I maternity wear.

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Kate Middleton gets ‘Baby on Board’ badge

On a visit to Baker Street Tube station recently, the Duchess of Cambridge was given a gift every pregnant woman travelling on London transport needs – a “baby on board” badge. This just goes to show the importance of the badges – if royalty need it, how much more your everyday commuting pregnant woman. Watch the video below to see Kate wearing the badge –

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Baby on Board Tote Bags

NEW! Baby on board tote bags for pregnancy and beyond

Tote bags are all the rage at the minute – we all want to do our bit for the environment, and without carrying a boring supermarket tote that granny carries around. A bag is for life, not just for pregnancy, and our tote bags are great to use during pregnancy and will see you through to your child’s baby and toddler phase, too. And they’re

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Tips for pregnant women travelling with a baby in board

Although you may think that summer is still far away, before you know it the holiday you have planned or are in the middle of planning will have arrived. If you are pregnant this one will be extra-special as it’s the last one before your baby arrives. If you are spending time abroad during your pregnancy, then it is wise to take a few pointers

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Pregnancy boredom and how to beat it

Rochelle Humes is The Saturdays fame has recently tweeted about being bored on her maternity leave from the band as she is not used to just relaxing! And this is something that many pregnant women experience. By the time you’ve reached your third trimester and are on your maternity leave, many expectant mums start getting bored with pregnancy and can’t wait to meet their bundle

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Is your employer making your pregnancy and impending maternity leave a challenge? Know your rights!

Pregnant employees enjoy the right to be paid for time off work that is spent receiving antenatal care (employers cannot request that employees make up this time by working additional hours). Despite what some unscrupulous employers may try to do to stop you, you do have rights in the workplace, and once you know what the law says, you’ll have something concrete to support your

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